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  • When the opportunity of turning the rectory of Santes Creus into a rural house came up, we felt really flattered about that idea. Even so, we cannot introduce ourselves without saying that the restoration project has as a basis our own roots, one of the main reasons for our hope in this dream. Our family is part of the rectory history, so it's not an odd guest in this house. On 17th December 1935, Francesc Sanjuan i Folch, the priest in the rectory, wrote the following words on his diary: "[...] A l'hort - hi havia el- Pau i -el- Domingo plegant avellanes [...], i després d'esmorzar ha vingut [...], i a la tarda la nena d'en Pau per a plegar avellanes"1. Pau's daughter was called Teresina Ventura, and Teresina is our granny.
  • Therefore, this project is doubly motivating and hopeful for us. On the one hand, we still live in Santes Creus and the rectory is part of our lives. On the other hand, we would like to share with you the experience of living for a few days in an old and singular house, which is situated just next to the old walls of the monastery and surrounded by nature.
  • Having said that, the Marlès-Magre family wants to carry out this project, day after day, with hope and effort, and we sincerely wish that you can also enjoy it.

1 "In the orchard, Pau and Domingo were picking hazelnuts [...] it was later in the afternoon that Pau's daughter, came for picking hazelnuts too"